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24V 300A Electrolysis Power Supply Air Cooling IGBT Rectifier Transformer

Place of Origin China
Brand Name xingtongli
Certification ISO CE
Model Number GKD24-300CVC
Minimum Order Quantity 1 unit
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Single wooden case packing size:750*560*780mm Weight:114kg
Delivery Time 10~15 work days
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 150units/month
Product Details
Product Name 24V 300A Air Cooling IGBT Rectifier Transformer For Electrolysis Input Voltage AC 220V
Phase 3 Phase Output Voltage DC 0~24v Adjustable
Output Current DC 0~300A Adjustable Work Mode CC CV
Size 750*560*780mm Weight 35kg
Color Grey
High Light

electrolytic rectifier


electrolysis machine power supply

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Product Description

24V 300A air cooling IGBT rectifier transformer for electrolysis Specification and parameter



Description of high frequency electrolytic power:


1. Can be configured with single main cabinet or double main cabinet plus control cabinet structure according to user requirements.

2. When the DC output current is ≥10kA, the full-circuit electrical coupling is used in parallel with the inverting rectifier circuit, which greatly reduces the eddy current loss and improves the efficiency of the electrolytic power supply.

3. The control method can be divided into two types: open loop (manual) and closed loop (automatic) according to the requirements of the production process, and they can be converted to each other. , 36-phase and 48-phase pulse rectifiers, eliminating power rectifiers 3, 5 and 7 grid harmonic pollution.

four. This series of electrolytic power supply has over current, over voltage, short circuit, under branch, under phase, high water temperature, water pressure, oil temperature high / low, high oil pressure protection, fully integrated control loop.

The main control board uses a high anti-interference high-power digital circuit trigger system, which has strong anti-interference ability. It has the advantages of high control accuracy, good stability and reliable operation.

6. The box body adopts cutting magnetic chain to reduce eddy current loss. The box body is sprayed with plastic as a whole.

Control method: integrated analog control and computer control.


input voltage 220v 3 phase 50/60hz
Output voltage 0~24v adjustable
Voltage stability 0~300a adjustable
Current stability ≤1%
Ripple factor 1%-2%
efficiency ≥90%
weight 35kg
dimension 605*415*240mm
Stabilization mode Current stabilization/Voltage stabilization (Switchable easily)
Adjustment range Voltage/Current from 0-100% continuously adjustable within rated range
Cooling system Air cooling
Control method local control/remote control/plc control
Display contents Voltage meter/Current meter/Working/Over temp/Error,
Protection method Input over-voltage/Under-voltage/Over current/Output short/Over heating self protection etc..
Operating temperature -20-50℃
Ambient temperature -30-65℃
Ambient humidity ≤90%


24V 300A Electrolysis Power Supply Air Cooling IGBT Rectifier Transformer 0

24V 300A Electrolysis Power Supply Air Cooling IGBT Rectifier Transformer 1

24V 300A Electrolysis Power Supply Air Cooling IGBT Rectifier Transformer 2




48v 100A air cooling IGBT electroplated coating rectifiers with timer adopts magnetic cut links, reduce eddy current losses, and cabinet as a whole spray painting


48v 100A air cooling IGBT electroplated coating rectifiers with timer with reasonable structure design, isolated the inverter part and , rectification part , convenient to disassemble and maintenance


radiator capacity expanded 1.5 times,make sure better cooling effect

switch control way:

adopt full bridge phase shifting soft switch,reduct IGBT loss,save engergy

Main transformer:

60v 125A Switch Mode IGBT TR rectifier for electrochilorination system adopts amorphous core,increase transformer efficiency,reduct the transformer temperature rise,cut the rectifier weight,improve the power supply stability, reliability

Core & Schottky diode:

core capacity expanded 1.5 times

schottky diode expands 4 times


Board :

all control boards did anticorrosion treatment with imported three defense lacquer


IGBT capacity expanded 3 times,make the power supply more reliable


Application of high frequency electrolytic power supply:

Mainly used in non-ferrous metal electrolysis: aluminum, magnesium, zinc, lead, copper, manganese and manganese dioxide; gold, silver and other metals smelting; neodymium iron boron rare earth smelting; hard alloy, diamond smelting; salt water, potassium electrolysis to produce caustic soda, potash, sodium system; fire electrical heating materials, and other types of high-power DC power supply.


24V 300A Electrolysis Power Supply Air Cooling IGBT Rectifier Transformer 3

1, Placing rectifier and keep the body stability; ensure good ventilation.
2, Checking anodizing rectifier out cover if loosing.
3, Connecting shell to ground to prevent static electricity.
4, Conecting the AC input wire
5, Connecting the DC output copper bars
6, Connecting the rectifier remote control box,if local control ,skip this step
7, Turn on air switch, then the fan starts to rotate and the power indicator light.
8, Clockwise rotation adjustment button, voltmeter degree increases, working indicate light lighting.
9, Adjust knob to maximum, then the voltmeter should indicate the rated voltage, current meter indicates the load volume accordingly.
10, Disconnect the air switch, turn off the rectifier