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20v 300a Single Plating Rectifier For Copper Electroplating With 220v 3 Phase Input
  • 20v 300a Single Plating Rectifier For Copper Electroplating With 220v 3 Phase Input
  • 20v 300a Single Plating Rectifier For Copper Electroplating With 220v 3 Phase Input

20v 300a Single Plating Rectifier For Copper Electroplating With 220v 3 Phase Input

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Xingtongli
Certification CE RoHS
Model Number GKD(M)(H)20-300CVC
Product Details
Electroplating Power Supply
Control Way:
Local Control/remote Control Box Control
Cooling Way:
Air Cooling
20v 300a Single Pulse Rectifier
Output Frequency:
Output Wavefrom:
Square Wave
High Light: 

plating power supply


dc rectifier for electroplating


Single Plating Rectifier For Copper Electroplating

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Wooden case 605*415*240 mm
Delivery Time
5~8 working days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Paypal
Supply Ability
100 SET/month
Product Description


20v 300a single Pulse rectifier for copper electroplating with 220v 3 phase input


Pulse rectifier electroplating is a powerful tool to control the electrodeposition of metal outer box. It uses time function to improve the physical and chemical properties of the coating by changing the pulse parameters, so as to save precious metals and obtain functional coating. Pulse rectifier electroplating belongs to modulation current electroplating, whose current is fluctuating or on / off DC impact current, so it is essentially on-off DC electroplating. There are many kinds of pulse current waveforms, usually square wave, triangle wave, zigzag wave, step wave and so on. However, in applications, the typical pulse power generation square wave pulse current is widely used.
20v 300a Single Plating Rectifier For Copper Electroplating With 220v 3 Phase Input 0

20v 300a Single Plating Rectifier For Copper Electroplating With 220v 3 Phase Input 1



Modulated current plating:

Traditional electroplating generally uses the form of direct current, called direct current. DC current is continuous and stable in the direction of the current, and does not change with time. DC current waveforms generally include single-phase half-wave, single-phase full-wave, three-phase half-wave, three-phase full-wave, DC or steady-state current, etc. . Power sources that generate these waveforms at the same time include: thyristor rectifier power supply and high-frequency switching power supply. The DC current has the characteristics of continuity or continuity, and it continuously controls the plating layer outside the plating solution. For example, DC current increases the cathode current density, suppresses side reactions, reduces the content of impurities in the coating, and improves the current distribution.


The direct current after the pulse signal or other modulated alternating signal is called the modulation current, and the plating process under the condition of the modulation current is called the modulation current plating. Modulation current electroplating mainly produces and exists to play a certain role in controlling the plating quality of the plating solution. You can get effects that DC plating cannot achieve. For example, pulse plating has a cathode density that is several times or even ten times higher than that of DC plating, resulting in a more detailed crystalline coating. Modulated current usually has several forms of direct plating, such as pulse plating, asymmetric exchange plating, and DC plating cycle.


The pulse plating current is actually used by the DC switch, but when the peak current of the DC switch is equivalent to times or even dozens of times of the ordinary DC current. It is this high instantaneous current density that reduces metal ions at very high overpotentials, making the crystal grains a fine deposit. Pulse rectification plating is widely used in electronic circuits, connectors, printed circuits, electroplating integrated frames, valve stems, etc. in the electronics industry. These products can greatly improve the performance of electronic devices and significantly save precious metals. Pulse rectification electroplating is one of the most widely used and current gain modulation current electroplating.

Different volt and current has different applications
20v 300a Single Plating Rectifier For Copper Electroplating With 220v 3 Phase Input 2

Input AC 220V±10% 1phase 50/60Hz
Output DC Volt ±0~12V          Adjustable
Current ±0~5A        Adjustable
Power 60W
pulse Efficiency >85%
output  Frequency 0~5KHz
TF TR 0~999ms adjustable
waveform square wave
Protection Short circuit protection
Overheating protection
Phase lack protection
Input over/low voltage protection
Working Condition
-10℃~50℃ Control mode Panel control
Remote control
Net weight 25kg Working mode Constant Voltage(CV)
Constant Current(CC)


Cooling way Air cooling
20v 300a Single Plating Rectifier For Copper Electroplating With 220v 3 Phase Input 3
electroplating rectifier.jpg

1. 0~10V, 4~20mA,PLC,Timer, Ampere-minute/hour counter, HMI can be provided
2. Control mode: Local control or Remote control(the length of cable is determined by customers)
3. Japan IGBT(the default choice) or Germany IGBT are adopted
4. After being phosphated, galvanized and plastic sprayed, the chassis has excellent corrosion resistence function
5. Easy to operate and repaire
Other advantages

1. Cabinet
a: Adopting completely digitalized machining
b: Adopting cold rolled production of iron steel sheet, after phosphorization, zinc plating, plastic spray, the rectifier gets better structural strength and anti-corrosion.
c: Reasonable structure design, isolated inverter design, rectification part is convenient to disassemble and mend because of its neat assembling.
d: Radiator gets better cooling effect because of its 1.5 times capacity.

2 Electric control system
a: The rectifier adopts full bridge phase-shifted soft switch control, ensuring the lowest power loss of IGBT. The capacity of IGBT become 3 times bigger.
b: The main transformer. It adopts amorphous core to increase transformer efficiency and cool transformer, and not only can lighten rectifier weight, but also can strengthen rectifier stability and reliability. At its elementary stage, it adopts series blocking capacitor.
c: Magnetic deviation automatic correction circuit is adopted and the total power of magnetic core gets enlarged 1.5 times.

3 Schottky Barrier Diode
a: It has been expanded 4 times.

4 All the controlling boards get antiseptic treatment with imported lacquer.
How to install rectifier
This is installation way for remote control rectifier. Not only this way.
1. To connect copper bar with bath/tank
2. To ensure power supply/rectifier is grounded
3. To ensure there is enough water for water cooling type power supply/rectifier
4. We advice that all rectifiers should be isolated to increase of its life.

20v 300a Single Plating Rectifier For Copper Electroplating With 220v 3 Phase Input 5
Our service

Pre sale service
1. To answer your questions within 24hours.
2. 3D design picture and wiring diagram can be offered.
3. Inner part pictures can be offered
4. OEM and ODM is accepted

After sale service
1. To resolve your problems within 24hours.
2. Replacement parts can be offered for free within 1 year warranty
3. The machine is damaged by quality and can be changed for free within 1 year
4. The client can check the rectifier before the factory by themselves or test video can be offered


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