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60V 2000A High Frequency Switch Power Supply For Hard Chrome Plating
  • 60V 2000A High Frequency Switch Power Supply For Hard Chrome Plating
  • 60V 2000A High Frequency Switch Power Supply For Hard Chrome Plating
  • 60V 2000A High Frequency Switch Power Supply For Hard Chrome Plating

60V 2000A High Frequency Switch Power Supply For Hard Chrome Plating

Place of Origin China
Brand Name xingtongli
Certification ISO CE
Model Number GKD60-2000CVC
Product Details
Product Name:
60V 2000A High Frequency Switch Power Supply For Hard Chrome Plating
Input Voltage:
AC 415V/380V
3 Phase
Output Voltage:
DC 0~60v Adjustable
Output Current:
DC 0~2000A Adjustable
Work Mode:
Output Waveform:
DC & Squarewave
Output Frequency:
High Light: 

switch mode power rectifier


aluminum anodizing rectifier

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
Packaging Details
Single wooden case packing size:1100*960*980mm Weight: 230kg
Delivery Time
10~15 work days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
Product Description


60V 2000A high frequency switch power supply for hard chrome plating

During the oxidation process, the workpiece continuously generates gas, hindering the continued oxidation, making the oxide film loose and porous, and the intermittent high and low current conversion rectifier of the pulse power rectifier works, which is conducive to the precipitation of gas, easy to form a film, the film thickness increases, the oxide film It is denser, and its hardness, thickness and color are greatly improved. At present, the commonly used oxidation power supply is a DC power supply, and its output has no pulse, so the output generated is relatively loose, and the thickness, hardness, and color of the oxide film cannot reach the effect of pulse oxidation rectifier;
Superior performance of hard oxide pulse rectifier:
1-32 minutes adjustable soft start time, and can be used as a pulse soft start, especially suitable for hard oxidation process;
1-256 minutes running time is adjustable (independent of soft start time), automatic shutdown;
Multiple working options: pure pulse, pulse superposition, DC, etc .;
During the operation, it can display all operating parameters at any pulse frequency, duty cycle, pulse-based high & peak value, so that you can fully control what workpiece is in the end;
Under operating conditions, the parameters can be freely modified, adjusted, and stored at any time. After the power is turned off, the time is saved for 35 years. The stored parameters will be automatically run at the next startup;
According to the anodizing characteristics of aluminum and titanium, the working method is current stabilization and voltage limiting work to ensure sustainable and efficient oxidation. With the extended power bath of electrical solutions, the thickness of the oxide film increases if the output voltage rises to safety In the set value tree, the voltage stops rising, and crent gradually decreases, which really protects the workpiece from melting;
Perfect safety guarantee measures, with a variety of intelligent fault protection, over current, fault phase, phase sequence error, short circuit;
The transformer coil winding and bus bar are made of high-quality copper (copper content 99.99%), with good conductivity and high current efficiency;
The transformer coil adopts double vacuum impregnation process, which has good insulation and corrosion resistance.

Input AC 380V±10% 3phase 50/60Hz
Output DC Volt 0~60V Adjustable
Current 0~2000A
Power 12KW
Efficiency >85%
pulse  negative voltage 0~60v adjustabe
positive voltage 0~60v adjusatavble
negative current 0~2000a adjusatble
postive current 0~2000a adjusatable
Protection Short circuit protection
Overheating protection
Phase lack protection
Input over/low voltage protection
Working Condition
-10℃~50℃ Control mode Panel control
Remote control
Net weight 230kg Working mode Constant Voltage(CV)
Constant Current(CC)
Dimension(mm) 1100*960*980mm Cooling way Air cooling



Pulse rectification parameters:
Input voltage: three-phase four-wire 380V, 415V, 50-60HZ;
Output current: 200-10000A optional;
Output voltage: 40V, 60V, 70V, 90V, 110V, 120V optional;
Pulse frequency: 0.4 -25 Hz;
Duty cycle: 10% -90%;
Output waveform: pulse, pulse superposition, DC;
Running time: 1-256 minutes adjustable;
Working mode: steady current and pressure limit;
Cooling: forced air;
Load operation: 24 hours full load operation, such as 1000 meters above sea level to reduce the use capacity;
Working environment temperature 0 ℃ -40 ℃;
The relative humidity is less than 90% (ambient temperature 20 ℃ ± 5 ℃).
60V 2000A High Frequency Switch Power Supply For Hard Chrome Plating 0
60V 2000A High Frequency Switch Power Supply For Hard Chrome Plating 1

48v 100A air cooling IGBT electroplated coating rectifiers with timer adopts magnetic cut links, reduce eddy current losses, and cabinet as a whole spray painting

48v 100A air cooling IGBT electroplated coating rectifiers with timer with reasonable structure design, isolated the inverter part and , rectification part , convenient to disassemble and maintenance

radiator capacity expanded 1.5 times,make sure better cooling effect

switch control way:
adopt full bridge phase shifting soft switch,reduct IGBT loss,save engergy

Main transformer:
60v 125A Switch Mode IGBT TR rectifier for electrochilorination system adopts amorphous core,increase transformer efficiency,reduct the transformer temperature rise,cut the rectifier weight,improve the power supply stability, reliability

Core & Schottky diode:
core capacity expanded 1.5 times
schottky diode expands 4 times

Board :
all control boards did anticorrosion treatment with imported three defense lacquer

IGBT capacity expanded 3 times,make the power supply more reliable

Pulse type hard oxidation power supply
1 Pulsed oxidation power supply is used to produce aluminum products with a film thickness of more than 20μ, which can be quickly
coated and save energy.
2. The output pulse frequency and duty cycle are precisely adjustable, and the number of positive and negative pulses can be flexibly
3. Accurate constant current and constant voltage output characteristics, the control accuracy is within ± 0.5V and ± 0.5A respectively.
Support two working modes: program control and manual. In program control mode, users can perform constant current / constant voltage
output characteristics, running time, pulse frequency, duty cycle, positive / negative pulse number, positive / negative pulse current, positive /
negative pulse voltage for up to 4 working stages Programming separately, the working process is fully automated. This mode is particularly
suitable for mass industrial production of stereotyped products.

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