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12 Volt 5 Amp Wall Mounting 2% Electrolysis Power Supply
  • 12 Volt 5 Amp Wall Mounting 2% Electrolysis Power Supply
  • 12 Volt 5 Amp Wall Mounting 2% Electrolysis Power Supply

12 Volt 5 Amp Wall Mounting 2% Electrolysis Power Supply

Place of Origin China
Brand Name xingtongli
Certification ISO CE RoHS
Model Number GKD12-5CVC
Product Details
Product Name:
12 Volt 5Amp Wall Mounting Water Electrolytic Treatment System Power Supply
Input Voltage:
Ac 220V Or 110V
3 Phase
Output Voltage:
DC 0~12v Adjustable
Output Current:
DC 0~5A Adjustable
Work Mode:
White And Blue
High Light: 

90% Electrolysis Power Supply


Electrolysis 12V 5A Power Supply


5Amp Electrolysis Power Supply

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
Packaging Details
Single wooden case packing size:270*220*88mm Weight:12kg
Delivery Time
10~15 work days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
Product Description


12 Volt 5Amp wall mounting Water treatment System Power Supply Specification and parameter



Description of high frequency electrolytic power:


The use of electrical dissociation, with the aid of chemical coagulants, to remove pollutants in wastewater or to convert toxic substances into non-toxic substances is called electro-flocculation.
The reaction principle of electro-flocculation is to use aluminum, iron and other metals as anodes. Under the action of direct current, the anode is eroded to produce Al, Fe and other ions. After a series of hydrolysis, polymerization and oxidation of ferrous iron, it develops into various hydroxyl groups. Complexes, polynuclear hydroxyl complexes and even hydroxides cause the colloidal impurities and suspended impurities in the wastewater to coagulate and separate. At the same time, the charged pollutant particles swim in the electric field and part of their charge is neutralized by the electrode. Promote its stability.
When the wastewater is subjected to electrolytic flocculation treatment, it not only has the function of coagulation and precipitation of colloidal impurities and suspended impurities, but also can remove a variety of pollutants in the water due to the oxidation of the anode and the reduction of the cathode.

Product use

This product is widely used in wastewater treatment in printing and dyeing, dye chemical industry, hospital, leather, electroplating and other industries


The electrolytic method is mainly used to treat chromium-containing wastewater and ***-containing wastewater. In addition, it is also used to remove *** ions, oil and suspended matter in wastewater; it can also coagulate and adsorb dye molecules in wastewater in a colloidal or dissolved state, and redox can destroy chromophores and obtain Depigmentation effect. Experimental research on the treatment of wastewater containing phenol, cadmium, sulfur, and organic phosphorus, as well as wastewater from the food industry using electrolytic methods is also underway.

Sewage treatment power supply equipment can be widely used in the treatment of various industrial wastewater, agricultural wastewater, ***, domestic sewage, electrolytic wastewater (that is, to recover recyclable metal ions in wastewater or to process organic substances through electrolysis), etc.



input voltage 220v 1 phase 50/60hz
Output voltage 0~12v adjustable
Voltage stability 0~5a adjustable
Current stability ≤1%
Ripple factor 1%-2%
efficiency ≥90%
weight 12kg
dimension 270*220*88mm
Stabilization mode Current stabilization/Voltage stabilization (Switchable easily)
Adjustment range Voltage/Current from 0-100% continuously adjustable within rated range
Cooling system Air cooling
Control method local control/remote control/plc control
Display contents Voltage meter/Current meter/Working/Over temp/Error,
Protection method Input over-voltage/Under-voltage/Over current/Output short/Over heating self protection etc..
Operating temperature -20-50℃
Ambient temperature -30-65℃
Ambient humidity ≤90%

12 Volt 5 Amp Wall Mounting 2% Electrolysis Power Supply 0

12 Volt 5 Amp Wall Mounting 2% Electrolysis Power Supply 1




Application of 12 Volt 5Amp wall mounting Water electrolytic treatment System Power Supply :

Mainly used in non-ferrous metal electrolysis: aluminum, magnesium, zinc, lead, copper, manganese and manganese dioxide; gold, silver and other metals smelting; neodymium iron boron rare earth smelting; hard alloy, diamond smelting; salt water, potassium electrolysis to produce caustic soda, potash, sodium system; fire electrical heating materials, and other types of high-power DC power supply.


12 Volt 5 Amp Wall Mounting 2% Electrolysis Power Supply 2

12 Volt 5 Amp Wall Mounting 2% Electrolysis Power Supply 3

1, Placing rectifier and keep the body stability; ensure good ventilation.
2, Checking anodizing rectifier out cover if loosing.
3, Connecting shell to ground to prevent static electricity.
4, Conecting the AC input wire
5, Connecting the DC output copper bars
6, Connecting the rectifier remote control box,if local control ,skip this step
7, Turn on air switch, then the fan starts to rotate and the power indicator light.
8, Clockwise rotation adjustment button, voltmeter degree increases, working indicate light lighting.
9, Adjust knob to maximum, then the voltmeter should indicate the rated voltage, current meter indicates the load volume accordingly.
10, Disconnect the air switch, turn off the rectifier

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