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3 Phase Water Cooling 15V 5000A Electrolysis Power Supply
  • 3 Phase Water Cooling 15V 5000A Electrolysis Power Supply
  • 3 Phase Water Cooling 15V 5000A Electrolysis Power Supply
  • 3 Phase Water Cooling 15V 5000A Electrolysis Power Supply

3 Phase Water Cooling 15V 5000A Electrolysis Power Supply

Place of Origin China
Brand Name xingtongli
Certification ISO CE RoHS
Model Number GKD15-5000CVC
Product Details
Product Name:
Water Cooling Electrolysis Power Supply 15V 5000A
Input Voltage:
AC 415V
3 Phase
Output Voltage:
DC 0~15v Adjustable
Output Current:
DC 0~5000A Adjustable
Work Mode:
High Light: 

15V 5000A Electrolysis Power Supply


75KW Electrolysis Power Supply


3Phase Electrolysis Power Supply

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
Packaging Details
Single wooden case packing size:750*560*780mm Weight:114kg
Delivery Time
10~15 work days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
Product Description


Water Cooling Electrolysis Power Supply 15V 5000A




Input AC 380V±10% 3phase 50/60Hz
Output DC Volt 0~15V Adjustable
Current 0~5000A Adjustable
Power 75KW
Efficiency >85%
output Frequency 40KHz fixed
Protection Short circuit protection
Overheating protection
Phase lack protection
Input over/low voltage protection
Working Condition
-10℃~50℃ Control mode Panel control
Remote control
Net weight 280kg Working mode Constant Voltage(CV)
Constant Current(CC)
Dimension(mm) 1020*1000*1270m Cooling way water cooling



1. The basic principle of periodic reverse pulse plating

In the pulse plating process, when the current is turned on, the electrochemical polarization increases, the metal ions near the cathode area are fully deposited, and the plating layer is finely crystallized and bright; when the current is turned off, the discharge ions near the cathode area return to the initial concentration. The concentration polarization is eliminated.
Periodic commutation pulse plating is commonly known as double (ie bidirectional) pulse plating. It introduces a set of reverse pulse current after outputting a set of forward pulse current. The forward pulse duration is long and the reverse pulse duration is short. The highly non-uniform anode current distribution caused by the short-time reverse pulse will cause the convex part of the coating to be strongly dissolved and flattened. The typical periodic commutation pulse waveform is shown below.

3 Phase Water Cooling 15V 5000A Electrolysis Power Supply 0


Using timing control function, the setting is simple and convenient, and the working time of positive and negative current polarity can be arbitrarily set according to the plating process requirements.
It has three working states of automatic cycle commutation, positive and negative, and reverse, and can automatically change the polarity of the output current.


3 Phase Water Cooling 15V 5000A Electrolysis Power Supply 1

3 Phase Water Cooling 15V 5000A Electrolysis Power Supply 2

How to install rectifier
This is installation way for remote control rectifier. Not only this way.
1. To connect copper bar with bath/tank
2. To ensure power supply/rectifier is grounded
3. To ensure there is enough water for water cooling type power supply/rectifier
4. We advice that all rectifiers should be isolated to increase of its life.
3 Phase Water Cooling 15V 5000A Electrolysis Power Supply 3


High frequency switching rectifier, also called switching power supply
A new type of electroplating power supply equipment-high-frequency switching power supply. It combines the advantages of the waveform smoothness of silicon rectifiers and the convenience of voltage regulation of silicon-controlled rectifiers. It has the highest current efficiency (up to 90% or more) and the smallest volume. It is a promising rectifier. The manufacturing technology has solved the power problem, and the high-power switching power supply from thousands of amps to tens of thousands of amps has entered the practical stage of production.
It directly rectifies and filters the AC power grid through the EMI anti-electromagnetic interference line filter, converts the DC voltage into a high-frequency square wave of tens or hundreds of kHz through the converter, isolates and reduces the voltage through the high-frequency transformer, and then through the high Frequency filtering output DC voltage. After sampling, comparing, amplifying and controlling, driving circuit, the duty ratio of the power tube in the converter is controlled to obtain a stable output voltage (or output current).
The adjustment tube of the high-frequency switching rectifier works in the switching state, the power loss is small, the efficiency can reach 75% to 90%, the volume is small, the weight is light, and the accuracy and ripple coefficient are better than the silicon rectifier, which can be in the full output range. Achieve the precision required by production. It has self-protection ability and can start and stop arbitrarily under load. It can be easily connected with a computer, which brings great convenience to automated production and is widely used in the PCB plating industry.

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