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36V 1000A Anodizing Rectifier For Aluminum Profile

Place of Origin China
Brand Name xingtongli
Certification ISO CE RoHS
Model Number GKD36-1000CVC
Minimum Order Quantity 1 unit
Price 2500$ ~3000$
Packaging Details Single wooden case packing size:1000*1000*1112mm Weight: 250kg
Delivery Time 10~15 work days
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 50units/month
Product Details
Product Name 36V 1000A Anodizing Rectifier Input Voltage AC 415V
Phase 3 Phase Output Voltage DC 0~36v Adjustable
Output Current DC 0~1000A Adjustable Work Mode CC CV
Size 790*910*1080mm Weight 200kg
Color Grey
High Light

1000A Anodizing Rectifier


36V Anodizing Rectifier


aluminum profile anodising rectifier

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Product Description

36V 1000A anodizing rectifier


 The application range of the anodizing rectifier includes aluminum profile anodizing, aluminum products anodizing coloring, hard anodizing, etc. The anodizing power supply current range is 1A~30000A, and the Anodzing power supply voltage range is 1 V~2000V.



Input AC 380V±10% 3 phase 50/60Hz
Output DC Volt 0~36V Adjustable
Current 0~1000A Adjustable
Power 36KW
Efficiency >85%
output Frequency 40KHz fixed
output ripple 5% 
Protection Short circuit protection
Overheating protection
Phase lack protection
Input over/low voltage protection
Working Condition
-10℃~50℃ Control mode Panel control
Remote control
Net weight 250kg Working mode Constant Voltage(CV)
Constant Current(CC)
Dimension(mm) 790*910*1080mm Cooling way




 36V 1000A anodizing rectifier features


1. Reduce the porosity, the formation speed of the core is greater than the growth rate, which promotes the refinement of the core.
2. Improve the overall strength and make the passivation film break down, which is conducive to the firm integration between the substrate and the coating.
3. Improve the coverage and dispersion ability. The high negative potential of the cathode can also deposit passivated parts in ordinary electroplating, and slow down the "scorching" and "shuttle-like" of the protruding parts of complicated parts due to excessive consumption of deposited ions "Deposited defects, for obtaining a given characteristic of the coating (such as color, non-porous l cough, etc.) thickness can be reduced to the original 1/3" 1/2, saving raw materials.
4. Reduce the internal stress of the coating, improve character defects, impurities, voids, tumors, etc., easily obtain crack-free coatings, and reduce additives.
5. Lizi obtains a gold-containing coating with stable composition.
6. Improve the solution of anode without anode activator.
7. Improve the mechanical and physical properties of the coating, such as increasing the density, reducing the surface electrical resistance and bulk resistance, improving toughness, road resistance, and corrosion resistance, and controlling the hardness of the coating.


36V 1000A anodizing rectifier rectifier picture: 

36V 1000A Anodizing Rectifier For Aluminum Profile 0


36V 1000A Anodizing Rectifier For Aluminum Profile 1






1, efficiency

SCR: 70%



SCR:Power frequency transformer, large volume about 200kg

IGBT:without Power frequency transformer

3,Energy saving efficiency

SCR: bad

IGBT: energy saving about 15%-30%

4, start/stop with load

SCR: can’t

IGBT: can

5,control circuit

SCR:Complex, request synchronous and difficult to integrate

IGBT:use the simple integrated circuit board, and anti-corrosion treatment completely closed.

6,constant current accuracy



7,cooling way

SCR: water/oil/air cooling

IGBT:water/air cooling

8,work frequency



9,control way

SCR:Phase shift trigger


10,output DC

SCR:half wave

IGBT:High density DC square wave

11,Disturbance to power grid

SCR: large,Not easy to eliminate

IGBT: small,easy to eliminate

12,size and weight

SCR: large size and heavy

IGBT: small and light weight

13,Allowable fluctuation range of input voltage

SCR: ±10%




36V 1000A anodizing rectifier Installation


36V 1000A Anodizing Rectifier For Aluminum Profile 2



1, Placing rectifier and keep the body stability; ensure good ventilation.
2, Checking anodizing rectifier out cover if loosing.
3, Connecting shell to ground to prevent static electricity.
4, Conecting the AC input wire
5, Connecting the DC output copper bars
6, Connecting the rectifier remote control box,if local control ,skip this step
7, Turn on air switch, then the fan starts to rotate and the power indicator light.
8, Clockwise rotation adjustment button, voltmeter degree increases, working indicate light lighting.
9, Adjust knob to maximum, then the voltmeter should indicate the rated voltage, current meter indicates the load volume accordingly.
10, Disconnect the air switch, turn off the rectifier