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Laboratory High Voltage Power Supply 1000W 1000V 1A With RS485
  • Laboratory High Voltage Power Supply 1000W 1000V 1A With RS485
  • Laboratory High Voltage Power Supply 1000W 1000V 1A With RS485

Laboratory High Voltage Power Supply 1000W 1000V 1A With RS485

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Xingtongli
Certification CE RoHS
Model Number TL1000-1A
Product Details
Input Voltage:
Output Voltage:
1000V Max
Output Current:
1A Max
Application 1:
Battery And Capacitance Charging Equipment
Application 2:
Motor And Controller Test
Application 3:
Testing And Aging Of Electronic Components
Air Cooling
Output Type:
Touch Screen
1000W 1000V 1A High Voltage Power Supply For Laboratory
PLC Interface:
RS485 RS232
High Light: 

1A High Voltage Power Supply


RS485 High Voltage Power Supply


1000V Laboratory Programmable Dc Power Supply

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Wooden case 505*430*282mm
Delivery Time
5~8 working days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
100 SET/month
Product Description

1000W 1000V 1A high voltage power supply with RS485 for laboratory

I. Technical Data Sheet

Model TL1000V-1A 
AC Input Single phases 220VAC
Input Voltage Range 220VAC±15%
Input frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Output voltage 0~1000VDC
Output current 0~1A
Output Power 1000W
Voltage Stabilization ≤0.3%+10mV
Load Stabilization ≤0.5%+30mV
Ripples and Noises ≤0.5%+10mVrms
Voltage Display Accuracy 4-digit Accuracy: ±1%+1 word (10%-100% rating)
Display Format 0.000V-9.999V; 0.00V-99.99V; 0.0V-999.9V
Current Display Accuracy 4-digit Accuracy: ±1%+1 word (10%-100% rating)
Remote Adjustment (Analog control: Voltage adjustable ):0-5VDC;(Current adjustable):0-5VDC
Remote Display (Analog control: Voltage adjustable ): 0-5VDC;(Current adjustable):0-5VDC
Output Over-Voltage Protection Built-in O.V.P. protection, protection limited value is rated +5%
Output Over Load Protection Overload, current limit, constant current output
Over Temperature Protection Built-in O.T.P. protection, Protection value 85℃±5% heat sink temperature
Voltage Setting 10-turn precision potentiometer
Current Setting 10-turn precision potentiometer
Output Polarity Output Positive(+) negative(- ) Can be grounded at will
Heat Dissipation Way Forced fan cooling
Work Conditions Indoor use design, Temperature:0℃~40℃; Humidity: 10%~85%RH
Storage Conditions Temperature:-20℃~70℃; Humidity: 10%~90%RH
Machine Dimension L483*W430*H90(MM)
Net Weight/Gross Weight 13KG/15KG




1, This series of high voltage power supplies are specially designed for Battery and Capacitance Charging,Testing and Aging of Electronic Components, Motor and Controller Test Equipment, with a high voltage power supply.

2, Its output voltage is adjustable, with PLC RS485 interface and HMI control,with Programmable function.

3, The series power supply can also be an external potentiometer to achieve remote control of the output voltage and current, and external voltage and current display, high voltage output with overvoltage and short circuit protection, safety interlock, and other functions


Laboratory High Voltage Power Supply 1000W 1000V 1A With RS485 0

Laboratory High Voltage Power Supply 1000W 1000V 1A With RS485 1


Single and three-phase aging test power supply is the company's production experience and technology accumulated for nearly ten years. When used in the capacitor aging process, it is designed according to the principle of automatic aging line, according to the characteristics of the capacitor's oxide film and the repair method, in order to achieve the effect of energy saving and efficiency. At the same time, it can also be used for experimental testing of electronic components such as resistors, thermistors, and motors. The professional technicians of our company have an understanding of the voltage requirements for the aging test of various electrical products at home and abroad. They are specially designed for the aging test of various electrical products, and they have developed a variety of voltage regulators, transformers and voltage stabilizers. A new type of professional test equipment with functions as one, which can meet common and special-purpose voltages at the same time.
Application areas:
(1) It can be used for aging of various electronic equipment, such as PCB board aging, home appliance aging, various IT products aging, CCFL aging, lamp aging. (2) It is suitable for the aging and testing of electronic components that need to be turned on and off automatically at a fixed time, and automatically count the number of cycles. (3) The electrolytic capacitor pulse is sophisticated. (4) Experienced in testing resistors, relays, motors, etc. (5) The whole machine is sophisticated; electronic component performance test, routine test

Performance characteristics:
1. High reliability: After continuous innovation, the whole machine is reasonably designed, adopts independent air ducts, the main components adopt high-quality imported components, the core components adopt international patented technology products, the control circuit adopts proprietary technology, complete protection, isolation and anti-corrosion measures Reasonable.
2. High stability: The system has a fast response speed and is highly adaptable to changes in network power and load, and the output accuracy can reach 1%.
3. Good power-saving effect: Compared with silicon controlled rectifiers, it can save power by 15%-30%, which plays an important role in reducing costs for aging enterprises.
4. Small size and light weight: easy to plan, expand, move and install.
5. The output voltage, current can be adjusted, voltage limit, current limit can be adjusted, which greatly improves customer flexibility and has remote control operation function.
6. ​​Technical indicators:
Input voltage: three-phase 380V±15%
Output characteristics: constant current/constant voltage can be converted
Adjustment accuracy: ≤1%
effect rate: ≥90%
Power factor: ≥95%
Protection mode: overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, overcurrent
Cooling method: air cooling or water cooling
Optional configuration: PLC interface
Environmental temperature: -20℃-55℃
Environmental humidity: ≤90%
Power consumption:
The efficiency of our company's power supply is 89%. The following uses 3000A12V power supply as an example to calculate the power consumption (working time is 12 hours):

3000A 12V

 (switching power supply) Power consumption: 36÷0.89×12=485(degree)
3000A 12V (SCR power supply) power consumption: 36÷0.75×12=576(degree)
Product specifications: output current range: 0-20000A (common specifications) output voltage: 0-60V or less
Cooling method: air cooling or water cooling.
Also: products of different specifications and models can be customized according to the specific needs of customers (current 0~20000A, voltage 0-1000V)

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