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Polarity Reverse Power Supply 12V 1500A Rectifier Programmable Dc Power Supply
  • Polarity Reverse Power Supply 12V 1500A Rectifier Programmable Dc Power Supply
  • Polarity Reverse Power Supply 12V 1500A Rectifier Programmable Dc Power Supply
  • Polarity Reverse Power Supply 12V 1500A Rectifier Programmable Dc Power Supply
  • Polarity Reverse Power Supply 12V 1500A Rectifier Programmable Dc Power Supply
  • Polarity Reverse Power Supply 12V 1500A Rectifier Programmable Dc Power Supply

Polarity Reverse Power Supply 12V 1500A Rectifier Programmable Dc Power Supply

Place of Origin China
Brand Name 12V 1500A 18KW Plating Rectifier
Model Number GKD12-1500CVC
Product Details
CE ISO9001
Product Name:
12V 1500A High Frequency Plating Rectifier
Output Current:
Current Ripple:
Output Voltage:
Touch Screen Display
Input Voltage:
AC Input 415V Three Phase
High Light: 

Programmable Dc Polarity Reverse Power Supply


1500A Polarity Reverse Power Supply


Dc Polarity Reverse Power Supply

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
strong plywood standard exporting package
Delivery Time
5-30 working days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
Product Description

Product Description:

The Rectifier 12V 1500A High Frequency Dc Power Supply is an advanced pulse power supply designed to deliver precise and consistent power for anodizing applications. This robust piece of equipment is essential for operations that require high-precision direct current (DC) for the electrochemical process of anodizing, which is used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. The state-of-the-art technology embedded within this power supply ensures that it stands out in the market, delivering exceptional performance and reliability.


One of the most critical features of this anodizing power supply is its incredibly low Current Ripple of ≤1%. This is particularly important in the anodizing process as it ensures a smooth and uniform layer of oxide. This feature helps to prevent any imperfections in the anodizing layer, which could compromise the durability and aesthetic of the final product. It is especially useful in applications where high precision and quality finishes are paramount, such as in aerospace or medical device manufacturing.


The Rectifier 12V 1500A also comes with a remarkable certification of CE ISO900A, a testament to its compliance with international quality and safety standards. This certification gives users the confidence that the power supply is built to meet stringent requirements, ensuring both safety and efficiency in its operation. Manufacturers looking to uphold the highest standards will find this certification to be a key selling point, as it reflects a commitment to quality that is recognized globally.


With a formidable power output of 18KW, this pulse power supply is capable of handling demanding industrial applications. The high power output ensures that users can work on large batches or high-volume operations without compromising the power supply's performance. Whether it’s for small intricate parts or large metal components, this power supply can deliver the necessary power to achieve the desired anodizing results.


The Rectifier 12V 1500A High Frequency Dc Power Supply also offers a vast range of output current from 0 to 1500A, which provides users with the flexibility to precisely control the anodizing process. This level of control is crucial for achieving the correct current density for various metals and alloys, and for adapting to different anodizing techniques and requirements. This feature makes the power supply highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of anodizing processes.


Moreover, the pulse power supply technology used in this product ensures that the DC output is delivered in a controlled series of pulses, which can be adjusted to optimize the anodizing process. The pulsed output leads to more efficient use of power, better heat management, and improved anodizing quality. This technology also contributes to the longevity of the power supply, as it can reduce stress on the electronic components during operation.


Overall, the Anodizing Rectifier 12V 1500A High Frequency Dc Power Supply is a top-of-the-line pulse power supply that offers reliability, efficiency, and precision. Its low current ripple, CE ISO900A certification, powerful 18KW output, and wide-ranging output current capabilities make it an essential tool for any high-quality anodizing operation. Whether you are dealing with automotive, aerospace, electronics, or any industry requiring consistent and high-quality anodized finishes, this power supply stands ready to exceed expectations and deliver optimal results every time.



  • Product Name: Anodizing Power Supply
  • Certification: CE, ISO900A
  • Display: Digital Display
  • Power: 18KW
  • Input Voltage: AC Input 415V Three Phase
  • Protection: Over-voltage, Over-current, Over-temperature, Over-load, Lack Phase,  Short Circuit
  • Keyword: pulse power supply

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Product Name Rectifier 12V 1500A High Frequency Dc Power Supply
Current Ripple ≤1%
Display Touch Screen Display
Frequency 50/60Hz
Output Current 0-1500A
Output Voltage 0-12V
Protection Over-voltage, Over-current, Over-temperature
Input Voltage AC Input 415V Three Phase
Power 18KW
Certification CE ISO900A

Polarity Reverse Power Supply 12V 1500A Rectifier Programmable Dc Power Supply 0Applications:

Polarity Reverse Power Supply 12V 1500A Rectifier Programmable Dc Power Supply 1

The anodizing power supply 12V 1500A 18KW Anodizing Rectifier with model number GKDH12-1500CVC is a state-of-the-art power supply unit, designed and manufactured in China. It has been certified with CE ISO900A to ensure its compliance with international safety and performance standards. This power supply is particularly suitable for applications requiring high precision and efficiency, thanks to its robust output and reliable performance.


With an input voltage of AC Input 415V Three Phase and a substantial 18KW power capacity, it operates at a frequency of 50/60Hz, making it versatile for use in various regions and electrical environments. The power supply 12V 1500A is capable of delivering an output current of 0-1500A , which allows for a wide range of anodizing processes.


The product is commonly used in scenarios where anodizing is required, such as in the surface treatment of aluminum parts to increase their corrosion resistance and to provide a decorative finish. The unit's capacity to function as a power supply makes it particularly effective for precision anodizing, where the control over the pulse can lead to better surface finish and adherence of the anodized layer.


Application occasions for the GKDH12-1500CVC power supply can range from small-scale workshops to large industrial settings. It is ideal for the anodization of automotive components, aerospace parts, electronic gadgets, kitchenware, and architectural elements. The precision control afforded by the power supply feature means that it is also suited for research and development environments where experimental anodizing processes may be conducted.


Further, the pulse power supply capabilities of the GKDH12-1500CVC are indispensable in specialized applications such as medical devices and military equipment where consistency and quality of the anodized layer can have critical implications. This power supply ensures that these high standards can be met with every use.


In conclusion, the power supply 12V 1500A 18KW Rectifier is a versatile and powerful solution for a wide array of anodizing needs. Whether for commercial, industrial, or highly specialized applications, its ability to operate as a power supply offers superior control and results in the anodizing process.



Brand Name: anodizing power supply 12V 100A 12KW Anodizing Rectifier

Model Number: GKD12-100CVC

Place of Origin: China

Certification: CE ISO900A

Output Current: 0-1000A

Input Voltage: AC Input 380V Three Phase

Current Ripple: ≤1%

Display:Touch Screen Display

Product Features: This high-quality anodizing power supply is designed to cater to your precise finishing needs. It functions as a pulse power supply , delivering consistent and reliable performance for all your anodizing operations. The pulse power supply technology ensures efficient power management and smooth output, while the digital display allows for easy monitoring of the process. With its robust design and advanced pulse power supply capabilities, this rectifier is an essential tool for achieving professional anodizing results.


Packing and Shipping:

The Anodizing Power Supply product is carefully packaged to ensure its safe delivery. We use sturdy, corrugated cardboard boxes that are well-fitted to the size of the power supply to minimize movement during shipping. Each power supply is wrapped in anti-static material and cushioned with foam inserts to protect against shocks and vibrations. The packaging is sealed with heavy-duty packing tape and labeled with clear handling instructions.

Before shipping, we conduct a final inspection to ensure the package is secure. The Anodizing Power Supply is shipped via a reliable courier service to provide efficient and trackable delivery. We also include insurance for the full value of the product to protect against any unforeseen incidents during transit. Upon dispatch, we send the customer a shipping confirmation email with the tracking details to monitor the delivery progress of their Anodizing Power Supply.

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